Sucker Punch

Sucker Punch has it all--hot babes, steampunk and big guns.

It's like an Alice In Wonderland with guns. It's like a steampunk Wizard of Oz. 
Nonetheless, it's a movie that is destined to take you on an adventure through high stakes and beautiful imagery.

The movie opens with very dark tones, getting you ready for the rest of the movie. The main character, Babydoll, is put into a mental asylum by her stepfather, who pays big bucks to have her lobotomized in five days. Babydoll, whilst dancing, finds that she can take herself and her group of friends into a dream world where they have to find five items to escape the asylum.

There are many different aspects of this movie that are very, very good.

The soundtrack was magnificent. It really matched the dark tone of the movie. I haven't enjoyed a soundtrack that much since Juno. It definitely suited the movie well. The fact that Emily Browning was in three of the songs surprised me; she doesn't have that bad of a voice. I think that's possibly what really drew me in to the movie was the soundtrack

Oddly enough, I didn't mind the acting. I enjoyed the main all-female cast. I thought they carried the movie rather well. I especially enjoyed Jena Malone’s Rocket. I got emotionally invested in her character. Oscar Isaac’s Blue Jones bothered me. I’m not sure whether it was his bulging eyes or his weird 
mustache, but he bugged me. Overall though, the acting was fairly consistent.

Steampunk. That is all I have to say about that.

I know a lot of critics have really put the hammer down on the plot, but I thought it was original and interesting. You will find yourself in a “WTF” moment towards the end, believe me. I will say though that there is a lot of thinking that you have to do to piece everything together. It's not for the simplistic of thinkers.

There was only one aspect of the movie that was unfavorable to me.

The one thing I disliked was the use of the three different worlds. For one, one of the worlds was used for maybe ten minutes. I did enjoy the “dream world.” It was beautiful, artsy and creative. The main world--however you want to classify it--felt unnecessary. 

Overall, this movie has its beautiful moments, but it also has its weird, confusing moments. It’s something you need to experience.

I give it a 85/100.

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