A bit of Art and Soul 2011 from the newbie.

Greetings to everyone! I'm new to posting on this blog, so I wanted to share a bit about myself before going farther. I'm a native to Terre Haute, Indiana. I'm a Christian Witch-it's not as odd as it might sound. I am a tarot reader and psychic, and I give readings on a weekly basis at Blue Moon Gifts in Brazil, Indiana. I'm also an aspiriring writer. I have several novels in the works, but nothing ready to publish. I'm an artist, as well. I'm into photography, crocheting, painting, and craft work. Thanks for taking time to read what I'm about to write.

I took part in the fourth annual Art and Soul show that took place on  November 18th, 19th, and 20th of this year. The art show began on Friday night with about eight of us and a small theater group from one of our local colleges, Indiana State University. Unfortunately, I didn’t think to bring my camera until Sunday, so no pictures from Friday and Saturday.

I happily surprise to discover that the artist in the space next to mine was someone I was familiar with, Christy Brinkman-Robertson. She makes the most amazing sculpture out of hot glue. I tried to find an image of the sculpture I fell in love with, but I couldn't find it online. I did, however, find this image in M's Impressions blog.

Christy had the cutest cork earrings with her for the show. Here’s a pair I couldn’t resist:
Here Christy selling her earrings:
If you would like to contact Christy, you can email her at cbrinkman1013@gmail.com or call at (317) 627-6871.  

Closest to Christy was Kace Huber, another amazing sculptor, who not only makes sculptures, but puppets. She and I chatted about designing a Bast Statue for my altar
 If you would like to contact Kace, her email is kace53@yahoo.com. You can also call (765) 653-5031.

Next was Steven Gilbert, designer of hand rendered snowman cards. I had to get a few of those. Here is Steven with his cards:

And here are the cards I purchased, minus one that was set aside to be sent to a deployed soldier for Christmas:
You can find Steven on Facebook or email him at stevengilbertarts@gmail.com.

Next was Dennis Boothby, an amazing artist who makes the coolest picture frames I've ever seen. They extend his artwork so well.
I managed to talk him out of this priceless gem:
Dennis isn't online at the moment, but you can reach him by phone at (765) 795-5150.

I was unable to get a picture, but I received an amazing massage from massage therapist, David Little. Also, there were two Reiki specialists, Rita Palazzolo and Edie Richards. I didn’t get a chance to meet Rita, but Edie, our hostess, was kind enough to treat me to Reiki healing on two occasions. Here’s a picture of Edie with one of her most prized pieces of art, which she said took 10 years to complete.

 Again, Edie with her husband, and our host, Zac Chambers.
 You can contact Edie through her show site: edieartsandwellness.com. This is the site where you can also find a information on upcoming shows. 

My friend Marquis Bunch was downstairs all weekend with his halls of horrors. Marquis hopes to go into SFX art when he finishes up his degree. He likes to demonstrate of his SFX Makeup at Edie's shows, but...yeah, forgot to take pictures. Just picture my eyes rolling, because I'm doing that as I type. I'll plan this better next time. 

Here's Marquis with his fiance, and usual test model, Amber Thomas.
You can find Marquis on DeviantArt and Facebook.

And lastly, here is my husband Timothy manning our booth space.

I hope you enjoyed my bit of ramblings, and that I've made you curious about the upcoming spring 2012 show. Edie is always looking for new artists and performers for her shows. Musicians, actors, and poets are well come. Visit her site and see how you can show off you talents.  Until next time, peace and blessings!
Crystal ~_^

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