Gays, Glee, and Thriller.

The big story in the latest Entertainment Weekly is about how gays are getting more recognition--on television, that is. They even had a timeline as to when the first gay came out on a t.v. series, which was Ryan Phillipe's character in One Life To Live. It's astonishing when you look at the brief sprinkling of gay characters throughout the timeline and then you get to 2010 and 2011. There were at least three last year and four up-and-coming t.v. shows with gay characters this year. The main focus of the article, besides the timeline, was Glee and how the characters of Kurt and Blaine have really opened up people's eyes to how hard it is to be gay, especially in high school. I thought it was something that people should think about. I thought it was a great article. If you'd like to read on about it, here's the link: Gays on TV: EW cover story

Speaking of Glee, they have hatched a plan. What is this plan, you ask? To air a new episode of Glee after the Superbowl. Whether this is a good idea or not, I don't rightly know, but they are going all out. The episode revolves around the football team and the cheerleading team or the Cheerios. The football coach decides that it will be a good idea to have the football team join Glee. The big things in the episode are a massive cheerleader number set to the beat of Katy Perry's California Gurls and... a version of "Thriller" during the halftime of their big game. Evidently, this will be Glee's most expensive episode to date.

After I read about that, I saw a little blurb about how they are transforming Michael Jackson's Thriller into a movie. It's under wraps as of right now, but the rumor is that Kenny Ortega (the director of Newsies and High School Musical) wants to direct it. Nothing is set in stone yet, but once I know, you'll be the first to find out!


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