Enter stage left DARREN.

My name is Darren Nelson, I just recently turned twenty one, so stay off the sidewalks. I'm a man of very few words, depending on the subject. So I'm selectively a man of few words. I'll get headed onto the main event as soon as I can stop rambling.

I'm a designer at Indiana State for the multimedia design department. Not very good at it, to be perfectly honest, but I'm getting better. I can, however, provide my input and criticisms on the content and context of other's works. That is where my main focus in this blog will be, but more specifically for movie posters.

I may go ridiculously far off-topic during my topic, as you readers have already seen I am very capable of, but I'll make every attempt to get back to the main idea. Some things you should probably keep an eye out for in these posts are movie comparisons in regards to their respective posters, how the conditions of the filming may have affected the poster design, and other things like that.

I've now run out of things to say at current. This was really just me dipping my toe in the water. I'll be back at some point with some, hopefully, spectacular ideas. See you all soon.

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